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内容摘要:Whether fund companyfocuses on investment research or marketing focuses on two different values ??of specialization and commercialization. F...

Whether fund company focuses on investment research or marketing focuses on two different values ??of specialization and commercialization. For the former, success may come later, but it should be more sustainable. The kind of fund manager whose biggest investment only lags in marketing obviously has no chance of success in the long run.

With the structural market set off by blue chips in 2017, with the exception of Dongfang Red Asset Management, in early 2018, China Everbright, Xingquan and other established fund companies emerged from the rights-based fund, which was supervised by previous fund managers. Out of stock, crazy sales tens of billions or even trigger regulatory emergency inquiries, vaguely somewhat bullish taste of reproduction. In the past few days, friends in the financial circle shared the long-awaited carnival with the WeChat circle of friends. This situation is sufficient to show that the current market is not short of money, the lack of a good reputation of asset management products.

Cautious investors are obviously not able to accept such investments as bitcoin and "poetic" P2P. However, it is hard to meet the initial threshold of trust, private equity, and equity, which often cost millions. The property market environment stabilized in 2017, while the broader market blue-chip market has also made many investors who are accustomed to not "making small and medium-sized investments" not earn money by surprise. Many people not only earn no income, they are still being overshadowed. And love the value of investment, dare to heavy positions to pursue the relative performance of the public offering of funds in the broader market last year, blue chip market continues to present, the advantages have been brought into full play. Naturally selling market will be a matter of course.

Hot selling of equity funds can also be regarded as a breakthrough in the "main business" of several traditional rights-based public offering industries such as Stock Fund . Over the past two decades, A-shares have made great strides. However, there has been no convincing achievement in the effective management (active management) of the public offering industry rooted in the secondary market. It is a great pity. Moreover, accounting for more than half of the country, the essential property is liquidity configuration monetary fund has been removed from the end of last year the size of the fund company statistical size. Abandon the "saving" the face of the entire industry, cargo base dependence, forcing the equity fund to find its source of development meditation.

Four seasons a year, public funds as if only winter and summer. Hundreds of billions of single fund traders have always been hard-won, and past yield statistics are not optimistic. The number of public offering products blowout in the last ten years, the total size from 3 trillion breakthrough to 10 trillion above. However, about 3 times the size of the increase is clearly far behind the increase in the number of products dozens of times, of which the most able to reflect the active management capabilities of fund companies Stock Fund and Mixed Fund Equity Fund scale growth, In the past ten years, the total amount declined slightly. At the beginning, almost 3 trillion yuan was all equity products, but the current scale of equity products is still around 3 trillion yuan. This makes its share in the public offering products continued to decline, from almost 100% fell to less than 30% today.

The sole hard indicator in the asset management industry of "Managed by the People, Valet Money Management" is the money earning effect. Looking back over the past 10 years, the average annual compound return rate of about 2%, with the same period real estate gains and just the traditional trust, financial management and other assets compared to the rate of return, decided to stand tall. Particularly gratifying is that 10 years of public offerings in the A shares of the right to speak with the management scale with the trend of declining. In the past, VIPs sitting in the south are now still holding a place. Not only has it not been able to compare with other institutional investors such as the well-known private placement, but also under the scandals of "mouse-storehouse" and high-order access, it is clear that many investors, Mouth excluded from the "main" list.

As we all know, the key point of operation of the equity fund is that the people lie in the strengths and weaknesses of fund managers and research forces. There is never a short cut in investment and research, and enough time is needed. Only the fund company's shareholders, managers give fund managers time, generally no more than two years, up to three years. Fund managers can imagine the anxiety, those who refuse to anxiety and anxiety entangled fund managers, desperation chose "Benban." In this regard, the fund management and shareholders are not without the knowledge, but although there is improvement, but it is beyond my grasp. Usually, equity funds will not show some style characteristics after three or five years, and corresponding reputation will slowly start to be shaped inside and outside the industry. Therefore, fund companies based on investment research or marketing as the core, on behalf of the specialization and commercialization of two different values. For the former, success may come later, but it should be more sustainable. The latter is not necessarily no way out, after all, the majority of retail investors and fund holders is required to run out of inflation rate of return, at least bank Interest rate a lot. In the case of non-equity products that are not at risk, the demand for investment research is relatively modest. If there is another chance to seize the outlet of certain mobile Internet life scenarios, it may reproduce another kind of "balance treasure." But the kind of fund manager whose biggest investment only falls into marketing obviously has no chance of success in the long run. From a global perspective, the major contradictions in the field of asset management in China are being transformed. That is, the contradiction between the increasing need for wealth preservation and value added by investors and the backward asset management capabilities, the increasing demand for personalized wealth management and asset management for investors, Product diversity is difficult to meet the contradictory transformation. And compared to those who may have taken the second phase of asset management, public fund industry is still focused on resolving the previous stage of a conflict. Looking back over the past ten years, innovative products such as QDII,ETF, have all been overheated, but they are subject to market performance or compliance restrictions. They are subject to gradual marginalization. Although the first batch of publicly-funded FOF funds in 2017 has been approved and successfully raised, the election fund will be handed over to institutional managers in the future. However, how the market will perform remains to be determined.

Fund holders Just as in the stock market, as a social person, they make an investment decision which, apart from the expression of knowledge, also contains a lot of emotional factors. Factors other than those expressed in the knowledge may be biased, but not unworthy of respect. Although a lot of fund holders have limited savings, they have a strong desire for rewards and absolute trust in fund companies. Investors' funds will also eventually flow to funds with outstanding long-term performance and funds that can give fund holders a better experience in all aspects. At the same time, the value orientation of fund companies determines the success and success of the fund.

The hot sales of 10 billion equity funds tell the industry unmistakably that fund holders are now looking forward to participating in the development of public funds in the next decade with real money and real money. For those who have accumulated in the past hard-earned reputation of the fund managers, such a hot scene, so that they suddenly felt heavy shoulders.





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